Mini Events

Herron Park Equestrians welcomes you to join us for our mini events. The events take place at the Ivan Herron Memorial Park, off of Foy’s Lake Road, in Kalispell, Montana, and all are encouraged to participate. Eventing is a triathlon of equestrian sports, incorporating the disciplines of dressage, cross-country jumping, and show jumping.

The mini event is a fun filled day of eventing for all levels of rider. We look forward to offering the community a venue where riders can demonstrate their achievements in a comfortable setting with focus on improving skills as much as earning rewards for their accomplishments. Our organizers are supportive and willing to assist in any way possible. For example, if you are not confident that you have the dressage test completely memorized, the test can be read while you ride.

Levels/Divisions of Competition

Kick Start:  Leadline, in-hand, or a little of both, this division can be custom made to fit the needs of first, second, or low-mileaged show experiences.  Our Kick Start division considers safety first, and offers stadium jumps set up near cross country jumps (under 18″). You can go at whatever pace is safest for you and/or your horse. If you want to ride, lead, or be led through your course, then this is your division.  It’s all about setting up a strong foundation without extra show stress. Take your time and enjoy the ride!

Smurf/Intro:  If you and/or your horse have never been eventing, this is for you!  Our Smurf jump course considers safety first, and offers stadium jumps set up near cross country jumps. The surroundings will look familiar to both you and your horse, encouraging your horse to love being out there!  You don’t have to gallop or canter, you can trot the course.  It’s all about fun and experiencing a delicious taste of the best part of eventing.

Beginner Novice:  Herron Park has real beginner novice jumps built right along with the other jumps.  Your horse will find them easy and inviting, as he has fun navigating the terrain and getting acquainted with the course.  The jumps are designed to make the ride a confidence-builder for horses and riders already familiar with schooling competitions in all three events.

Novice:  This is a comfortable, safe course, and you and your horse will love opening up and cantering around the picturesque setting.  The jumps are inviting, safe and will leave you wanting more! Riders at this level should have some experience, and it is a great introduction for horses new to the sport.

Training:  Herron Park’s Training course is solid and strategically designed with a few questions to focus horse and rider.  If you’ve comfortably participated in a few Novice courses, this is a good course to advance – give it a try!

The goal is to provide an opportunity to experience a productive and enjoyable day of eventing in a friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. Mini Events are great practice, and chance to expose you and your horse to show settings in preparations for the new season.

For further information on any specific event, please contact the Event Organizers as listed on the calendar.

Please join us for a day of eventing at a beautiful park setting that will prove to be an enriching experience for both horse and rider.

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